5 Signs that Your Car Engine Needs to Be Checked

As the mileage of your car continues to run, the more probable your car will develop some engine trouble. A perfect roaring engine gives chills to many, but a clunking engine struggling to stay on will give any car owner chills and reasons to worry.  A car engine that is about to fail or has issues will always give warning signs. It's up to you to look out for these signs and take your car to your mechanic immediately. Read More 

How to Understand Your Car’s A/C So You Can Avoid Failure

In the peak of an Australian summer, air conditioning is not an option but a vital consideration. Without car air conditioning, you'll find it difficult to survive the commute home at the end of the day. This is every reason for you to keep an eye on its efficiency to spot any early warning signs of trouble. To be ready for every eventuality, it helps to understand how the system works in the average vehicle. Read More 

Maintenance Insights for a Power Steering Belt

Although car affordability in Australia has improved over the years, the cost of living has continued to go up. For this reason, the average family works extra hard to afford fuel for one car, let alone two. Therefore, it is essential for new car owners to accord their vehicles the best possible maintenance for durability. For example, it is critical to service the power steering belt (serpentine belt) regularly since the ease of controlling a car hugely depends on the working condition of the belt. Read More 

Why Some Low Hanging Fruit Could Return Your Fleet to Profitability

If you own a commercial distribution company, you may rely on a fleet of trucks to help you perform your duties and are always looking for a competitive edge. While there are many ways to make this type of business successful, you should begin by treating each vehicle as its own profit centre. After all, profitability will ride on vehicle reliability and performance if those all-important budget markers are to be met. Read More 

What You Should Do If Your Car Is Overheating Badly

Do you get the sense that your car is getting a bit hot? You may be driving down the road on a sweltering, summer's day and notice that the temperature gauge is climbing up inexorably. Strangely, you may also notice a sweet smell — something that you've never encountered before — and wonder what that may be. The bad news is that you have a leak from your coolant system and the culprit could be the radiator itself. Read More