A Comprehensive Guide To Roadworthy Inspections

Although numerous factors could affect your safety on the road, the best place to start when minding your safety and that of others are by ensuring you are driving a sound vehicle. With that said, every motorist must be proactive about ensuring their vehicle receives the maintenance and repairs it requires to keep it at optimum condition. However, what happens when you want to sell your car? In this scenario, you need to ensure that all essential auto parts and systems in your vehicle are in functional order. Read More 

How to Give Engine Oil Its Best Chance of Success

Scientists and engineers have spent an inordinate amount of time developing the best possible engine lubricant for your car or truck. They know that this oil has to deal with extreme conditions within a typical motor and have carefully designed the finished product to do the best job possible. Yet this oil can nevertheless break down as the weeks and months go by due to thermal activity and a specific process known as oxidation. Read More 

Do You Know What Takes Place within Your Car’s Rear Axle?

When people think about maintaining their car or truck, they usually focus on the "front end." After all, this is where most of the mechanical action takes place, and they understand the importance of engine and gearbox maintenance. But if you have a rear-wheel drive vehicle, you should certainly pay attention to the back end too. What can happen if you neglect this area as time goes by? The Final Drive Read More 

How Do You Know If the Fuel Pump on Your Vehicle Is Going Bad?

For your car to function as it should, it must receive an uninterrupted and predictable fuel supply. While several different components are involved, the fuel pump is the beating heart of the system, and if it begins to malfunction, many issues can arise. What do you need to know about the fuel pump and its location, and how do you know if it is starting to fail? How the System Works Read More 

Is It Time to Get a New Car Battery? The Signs You Should Know

No one wants to find themselves stuck in a parking lot with a car that won't start. Most of the time, this unwelcome event is due to a battery finally reaching the end of its life span. A charge from a road service tow truck may help for a while, but that initially dead battery is a sign that you need to get a new one. But of course, no one wants to get to that point. Read More