How to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Heat of Summer

Summer road trips are always fun, but driving during the hot Australian summer can put extra strain on your vehicle. To make sure that your car is properly prepared, just follow these tips. Change Your Coolant It should go without saying that your cooling system is going to be working overtime during the summer to keep your engine from overheating. You want to make sure that the mixture of coolant and distilled water is at around 50/50; just remember never to open the radiator cap while the vehicle is still hot, since this can lead to hot pressurized coolant streaming out. Read More 

Three Common Signs of Muffler Problems

The muffler is installed in the exhaust system of an internal combustion engine vehicle. This component is not designed per se to contribute to the primary functionality and performance of the exhaust system. However, it provides acoustic soundproofing properties which are highly beneficial. Basically, this auto part will muffle the loudness produced in the engine. It is easy to ignore the exhaust system during basic maintenance because the components are out of sight. Read More 

3 Signs Your Car’s Cylinder Heads May Need Service or Replacing

Your car's engine has two main components; there is the block, which houses the pistons that move up and down to create the force needed to move your car forward, and there are cylinder heads, which cover the cylinders in which the pistons are kept. When cylinder heads get damaged they need repair or replacing, as they need to function properly in order to bring in oxygen that's is used to create the combustion inside the engine without allowing too much oxygen inside the engine block. Read More 

Considerations When Contemplating Solar For Caravans

One of the most convenient ways of getting around Australia when on holiday with your family or mates is by using a caravan. Not only do you get all the amenities of home in this vehicle, but also you are fee to transverse the landscape without having to worry about expensive accommodation costs. Typically, these caravans are already fitted with a battery system. The battery stays charged through the vehicle's alternator as the car is running, hence providing you with electrical power. Read More 

Car Repair | 4 Telltale Indications Your Car Suspension Needs Repairing

Your car's suspension is perhaps one of the most important systems in your car because it reduces the impact on your car every time it goes over a bump or ditch on the road. The reduced impact will prolong the life of your car to keep it running in prime condition for longer. Like any other component in a car, the suspension system will undergo wear and tear over time, rendering it ineffective once it has completely worn out. Read More