Does Your Vehicle Require Transmission Services?

As a motorist, there is nothing as inconvenient as having to be away from your vehicle when it is undergoing repairs in the auto shop. As such, you will find that some people tend to ignore signs of disrepair from the vehicle in the hopes that the car can hold out until its next car service. In reality, what you are doing is exposing your vehicle to additional wear and tear as the problems it is experiencing become exacerbated with continual driving. One of the more essential systems in your vehicle is its transmission. Spotting problems in your car's transmission system early can go a long way in ensuring that your vehicle does not suffer from complete breakdown. So what are some of the signs that would indicate your vehicle is in need of a transmission service?

Your vehicle shifts gears noisily

All vehicles will have their innate noises. As a car owner, you know what your vehicle usually sounds like. The moment you begin noticing unfamiliar sounds such as squealing or grinding, you should pay attention. Those sounds could indicate a serious problem with one of your vehicle's systems. If these sounds tend to come about when you are trying to shift gears, chances are the issue lies with the transmission system. It would be best to seek transmission services for your vehicle so that the mechanic can diagnose the cause of the unusual noises and remedy the issue before it causes further damage to your vehicle's transmission.

Your vehicle delays engaging its gears

When you are shifting gears, you are supposed to be able to do so with quick and fluid motions. If your car is suffering from transmission trouble, one of the symptoms would be difficulty in engaging your gears. This is especially common in automatic transmission when trying to switch from park into either reverse or drive. If you notice that the pauses between shifting of gears are getting more pronounced, it is best to seek transmission services to fix the problem.

Your vehicle is leaking fluids

For your transmission to function at optimum, it needs sufficient lubrication from transmission fluid. Some motorists do not take the tie to check beneath their car after they leave their parking space. Nevertheless, to spot fluid leaks, you would have to inspect the ground you have parked your car in. transmission fluid is typically pink in colour so if you notice any pink streaking or spots on the ground, chances are your transmission has sprung a fluid leak.