A Comprehensive Guide To Roadworthy Inspections

Although numerous factors could affect your safety on the road, the best place to start when minding your safety and that of others are by ensuring you are driving a sound vehicle. With that said, every motorist must be proactive about ensuring their vehicle receives the maintenance and repairs it requires to keep it at optimum condition. However, what happens when you want to sell your car? In this scenario, you need to ensure that all essential auto parts and systems in your vehicle are in functional order. To do so, you are required to enlist roadworthy inspection services from your mechanic. Naturally, if you have never had to apply for a roadworthy certificate before, you could be wondering what to expect. For more on that, check out the following comprehensive guide to roadworthy inspections.

What will your mechanic look for during a roadworthy inspection?

As mentioned earlier, the main aim of a roadworthy inspection is to ensure your vehicle meets specific safety standards that determine whether it can be on the road. Bearing that in mind, the mechanic will investigate the condition of critical components that are vital for safe driving. For starters, the mechanic will check the state of your windscreen. Any cracks or chips would warrant windscreen repairs or replacement before your car can pass the roadworthy inspection. Additionally, the mechanic will investigate the condition of the tyres to determine if the tread depth is adequate to provide your vehicle with traction in slippery conditions. Other crucial auto parts the mechanic will examine include the suspension, seatbelts, braking system, chassis, lights and so on.

What aspects are excluded during a roadworthy inspection?

Contrary to popular belief, your mechanic will not assess every single component in your vehicle. Rather, they will exclude non-essential car parts and systems. A few elements that will be excluded during a roadworthy inspection include the air conditioning system, power windows, rear wipers and more.

How much should you expect to pay for a roadworthy inspection?

Roadworthy inspections are not charged at a fixed price. Instead, various factors need to be taken into consideration before your mechanic furnishes you with the final cost. To begin with, the age of your vehicle will influence the cost of the roadworthy inspection since older cars typically take longer to assess and, as such, will cost more than new models. Moreover, the type of vehicle you need to have assessed will affect the cost of the roadworthy inspections. As an example, inspecting a semi-trailer will be more expensive than inspecting a saloon car.