Understanding Blue Slip Inspections for Car Owners

If you have recently purchased an unregistered vehicle, one of the first things you will find out is that you need a blue slip inspection. These inspections are done on vehicles that are not currently registered and may have some functionality issues. If you have never had this type of inspection done on a vehicle, there are several key points you need to know. Here are a few of the main points regarding this type of inspection and what you need to know about each one.

Safety Inspection

The first step in the blue slip inspections process is to have a safety inspection. This inspection is to ensure that the vehicle is mechanically safe to drive. They will be checking for all aspects of the car, ranging from the traditional diagnostics tests to a safety check of the tire and brake systems as well as the emissions systems. If the vehicle passes this part of the inspection, it will move on to the next steps in the process. If it does not pass, you will be told immediately and options for repairs will be discussed. 

Industry Standards Inspection

A step in the blue slip inspections process is to check for industry standards. This process checks what the current industry standards are and compares the state of the unregistered vehicle against the standards. The misconception is that if the vehicle passes a safety inspection it will pass the industry standards as well. The truth is that the vehicle may be safe to drive but may not meet current industry-regulated emissions standards or other similar regulations. 

Local Inspections 

Local cities and other area ordinances may be required for a vehicle to be considered roadworthy. The blue slip inspection process will go over these local rulings and perform any inspections related to those rulings. For example, there may be certain parts of a car that are considered illegal or not roadworthy. An example of this would be the tinting on a window being too dark, and that would need to be removed to be roadworthy.

If you have an unregistered car that needs a blue slip inspection, contact your local inspection services. They can help you with scheduling the inspection and with any questions you have regarding the inspection itself. They can also help you with what to do if the vehicle fails the inspection and how to get it to a passing status so that you can schedule a follow-up inspection.