Tips on choosing the best custom designed trailer

Choosing the right trailer is not an easy choice. It requires careful consideration due to the many options available. For a custom designed trailer, the options are even more. That's because you'll get a trailer of whatever specifications you need. The best thing to do would be to know your exact requirements, and that will help you determine what you need. Here are some of the best tips to help you make a well informed decision. Read More 

Common Car Radiator Problems and How to Handle Them

A car radiator is one of the most critical components in a vehicle system, without which the car engine would overheat as it burns fuel. The main function of a car radiator is to get rid of extra heat made by the engine by dissipating it through coolant.  Most of the car radiator problems stem from the effects of heat and pressure contained within the cooling system. This article discusses the most common car radiator repairs. Read More 

Smart Tips for Your Maintaining Your Vehicle’s Transmission

The transmission is designed to deliver controlled power from your vehicle's engine to the wheels. It is an essential component in regulating speed and changing the gears. This system can provide long-term service in your automotive, but it is not indestructible. It is vulnerable to damage through exposure to adverse conditions, poor usage and even mechanical impact. If your vehicle sustains this type of damage, you will need significant financial resources to rebuild, repair or replace the module. Read More 

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Heat of Summer

Summer road trips are always fun, but driving during the hot Australian summer can put extra strain on your vehicle. To make sure that your car is properly prepared, just follow these tips. Change Your Coolant It should go without saying that your cooling system is going to be working overtime during the summer to keep your engine from overheating. You want to make sure that the mixture of coolant and distilled water is at around 50/50; just remember never to open the radiator cap while the vehicle is still hot, since this can lead to hot pressurized coolant streaming out. Read More 

Three Common Signs of Muffler Problems

The muffler is installed in the exhaust system of an internal combustion engine vehicle. This component is not designed per se to contribute to the primary functionality and performance of the exhaust system. However, it provides acoustic soundproofing properties which are highly beneficial. Basically, this auto part will muffle the loudness produced in the engine. It is easy to ignore the exhaust system during basic maintenance because the components are out of sight. Read More