3 Auto Electric Problems that a Competent Mechanic Can Help Fix

The driving school teaches you enough to put the key in the ignition, get the car moving and stay safe on the road. However, your vehicle is more complex than this. It is a maze of wires, electrical systems fuses, relays and everything else. They all come together to get the car to move and perform other operations as needed. You can tell that your vehicle has an auto electric problem from how it behaves on the road. Read More 

Why Is Your Car Bogging Down During Acceleration?

When the engine is running properly, it should bring the vehicle up to speed almost instantly when you press the accelerator pedal. If yours feels like it's losing power when accelerating or takes a few seconds to respond, this is a clear sign of a bog down.  Bogs down or engine hesitation when accelerating can occur due to a variety of reasons. Here's a look at some potential culprits behind the problem. Read More 

3 Things You Can Do to Extend the Life of Your Boat Trailer

If you own a boat that you are not planning to keep on the water, you will need a boat trailer so you can transport the vessel from the water to your boathouse. Boat trailers can be expensive, so once you have invested in one, you will want to make sure that you do all you can to keep it in good condition. Below is a guide to three things you need to do to ensure that your boat trailer remains in good condition. Read More 

Having Trouble With Your Clutch? See the 3 Indications That It Is Time to Replace It

If you own a vehicle with a manual transmission, you understand the importance of having a functional clutch. It enables you to achieve vehicle control by engaging or disengaging the power transmission. Nonetheless, many drivers neglect their clutch system or perhaps forget about it due to its concealed position. You only get to pay attention to your clutch when you face a dire situation, and your transmission won't engage. The clutch undergoes substantial wear and tear due to the amount of gear shifting taking place in a manual vehicle. Read More 

How To Choose A Panel Beater

Panel beaters are your best bet when you need to conduct smash repairs. Choosing the right panel beater can be a complicated task. Read this guide for some tips on how to select the perfect panel beater. Specialisation The panel beater should specialise in the repair and maintenance of your car model. Below are some benefits of using a specialised mechanic:  Specialised mechanics have long term relationships with car manufacturers and can source cheap and hard to get parts. Read More