3 Auto Electric Problems that a Competent Mechanic Can Help Fix

The driving school teaches you enough to put the key in the ignition, get the car moving and stay safe on the road. However, your vehicle is more complex than this. It is a maze of wires, electrical systems fuses, relays and everything else. They all come together to get the car to move and perform other operations as needed. You can tell that your vehicle has an auto electric problem from how it behaves on the road. Here are three common auto electric problems that a competent mechanic will help you fix. 

When Your Vehicle Has a Dead Battery

A dead battery is the most common and obvious electrical problem in cars. Most people wake up, try to start the vehicle and realise it can't start because the battery is dead. A healthy car battery recharges itself when the car is running. The charge is stored and used for the headlights and starting the vehicle after being off for hours among other tasks. However, lack of charge means that the battery has issues like corroded connections. It could also stop operating because of high or low temperatures. Some batteries also get drained when you leave the headlights on. Luckily, you can have a professional check whether it has developed charging system problems. They will fix the cause of the problem and restore its function.

When the Spark Plugs Fail

You can tell that your vehicle's spark plugs have failed when it starts rough idling. Some vehicles might also lurch because of issues with the spark plugs. Sometimes, the spark plugs wear out because of overheating damage. Overheating happens when the engine has improper timing, leading to the wrong fuel to air ratio and spark plug damage. The plugs might also get damaged because of oil contamination, which foul the tip of the plug. Finally, the plug might get damaged because of carbon build-up on the tip. 

When the Solenoid and Starter Are Fatigued

You can also tell that your vehicle has electrical system issues when the engine fails to turn over. Failure to turn indicates the starter has gone out. You might hear a series of clicking sounds in quick succession when the solenoid gets damaged. 

These are common auto electric problems that a competent mechanic will help you handle. Contact a local car service when you notice signs of damage to your car's electrical issues. With their help, you fix electrical issues immediately they happen.