How To Choose A Panel Beater

Panel beaters are your best bet when you need to conduct smash repairs. Choosing the right panel beater can be a complicated task. Read this guide for some tips on how to select the perfect panel beater.


The panel beater should specialise in the repair and maintenance of your car model. Below are some benefits of using a specialised mechanic: 

  • Specialised mechanics have long term relationships with car manufacturers and can source cheap and hard to get parts.
  • Most specialised mechanics will have high-quality equipment to repair your vehicle.
  • The mechanic can conduct mechanical repairs such as engine and transmission repairs. 


Check internet reviews and consult a few clients to ascertain the reputation of the panel beater. For instance, you would want to know his or her work quality. Avoid panel beaters accused of shoddy work regardless of how cheap they could be. Inquire whether the panel beater meets client deadlines. It is an essential consideration if you would want your car repaired in a few days. The panel beater must be an effective communicator. It is a sure way to avoid conflicts. 


Visit the repair shop and examine the panel beater's work quality. He or she should give a detailed explanation of how to conduct the repair works. For instance, will the professional use new panels? How will he or she prepare your vehicle for paint works? The panel beater should strip the vehicle's paint to ensure adherence to the fresh paint. Spot putty will help remove imperfections on the vehicle's body. Inquire about the quality of paint used. Low-quality paints will fade in a few months. A ceramic coat will restore the vehicle's glossy look.  

Extra Services

Other than body works, inquire about extra services that the repair shop offers. For example, some shops will offer a courtesy car as they repair your car. Others will provide towing services if your vehicle is not in the garage. Some repair shops will provide advanced services such as paintless dent removal, windscreen repair, frame testing and computerised frame repair. 

Pricing Policy

Reputable panel beaters will provide you with an accurate quote before commencing repairs. If you are on a budget, the professional should help you reduce the repair costs. For instance, you could go for used body parts. As a rule, you must ask the repair shop to give guarantees on the completed works. 

When choosing a panel beater, examine his or her specialisation, reputation, professionalism, services and pricing policy.