5 Transmission Problems That Need Repair

The main purpose of the transmission in an automobile is to transfer power generated by an engine to the wheels to drive the vehicle forward. It also performs the useful job of regulating engine speed, which prevents the car from spinning out of control. These five transmission problems all require timely attention from a professional mechanic to keep your vehicle handling safely.

1. Grinding Noises

A grinding noise coming from your transmission is a common early sign of a mechanical failure affecting this part of your vehicle. You are most likely to hear this noise while shifting gear. Sometimes the noise can be easily resolved by adding more transmission fluid, but it is a good idea to get it checked by a mechanic to rule out more serious issues.

2. Unresponsiveness

When you shift gears, the transmission should quickly and easily switch into the gear you need. If your car is slow to shift, try topping up the transmission fluid. If this simple solution does not fix the problem, it is essential to take the car to a mechanic as soon as possible. An unresponsive gearbox creates a distraction while driving and makes it difficult to control your car.

3. Erratic Gear Shifting

Transmission problems can cause a car to move from drive to neutral with no warning. This situation can be extremely dangerous if it happens on a busy road, as it makes it very difficult for the driver to control the vehicle. Contact a repair service as soon as possible if this problem affects your car.

4. Leaking Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid provides lubrication for the moving parts in your car's transmission. Without this fluid, the transmission quickly wears out. Watch out for reddish fluid leaking from your car onto your driveway or the street where you park. You need to get leaks fixed as soon as possible to maintain safe levels of transmission fluid in your car. Getting a leaking transmission repaired also saves you money on transmission fluid, as you do not need to top it up as often.

5. Burning Smells

Any burning smell associated with your vehicle needs to be investigated. A faulty transmission often produces a burning smell when you try to change gear. Burning smells resulting from gear changes can also be a sign that a car needs a new clutch. Whatever the cause, a mechanic can quickly identify the problem and offer you a resolution.

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