Choosing The Right Car Battery

A car battery is meant to be replaced every few years to maximise the efficiency of a car. However, a large number of car owners only replace their batteries when they stop working. The chances are that the battery's lifespan will end at the least convenient time, prompting you to buy a battery in haste. There are advantages to replacing a battery in advance, like taking your time to choose a battery that serves you best. When you choose a battery in advance, you can compare the benefits of different batteries.

Factors to Consider When Replacing Your Battery


A warranty represents the time period where you can get a free replacement and the period for a partial reimbursement. Find a battery that offers the longest period for a free replacement. This means that if the battery stops working because of a manufacturing fault, you can get a replacement. The partial reimbursement is valuable in the first months after the lapse of the free replacement period. The amount decreases fast as time goes on.

Local Climate Conditions

Car batteries wear out faster in warmer climates compared to cooler climates. Find a battery with a reputation for longer life. Also, check for batteries that are low maintenance or maintenance free. If you find a battery that has been coated to reduce corrosiveness, that's a better deal. A battery that has been manufactured recently will last longer than an older battery. There is a manufacturing date written on the shipping code case of most batteries.

Individual Needs

The replacement battery should be the right fit for your battery. The terminals for your new battery should align to those of your car. Write down the size of your currently car battery and compare the sizes as you shop for a replacement battery. Ask for an expert to recommend the appropriate size for your car model.

Discount For Returning The Old Battery

There are stores that will pay you a small amount for returning your old battery. These stores dispose of the old car battery on your behalf. Ask if the stores selling car batteries dispose of old batteries.

Finding a replacement battery in advance will save you the frustration of getting stranded somewhere when your current battery wears out. You can install the new car battery yourself. If you have little knowledge about the car, you can request an employee of the battery store to install it for you, or someone at your local car servicing centre can install it for you. Once the installation is done, start your car; flick the lights on and off to confirm the battery is working well. Take good care of your battery to prolong its lifespan.