Upgrades That Will Keep Your Manual Transmission Healthier For Longer

Manual transmissions are a dying breed. And this is all the more reason why you need to do everything possible to keep yours on the road. Like all transmissions, whether manual or automatic, wear and neglect can have adverse effects on performance and longevity. This is why it pays to think ahead and put in place measures that will prevent this. One way to do this is to seek upgrades that will boost the durability and wear-resistance of your gearbox. Some of these upgrades are:

Using premium fluids Premium transmission fluids have been in existence for a long time. They are better than standard oils in that they have higher temperature tolerances. This means that these oils can withstand higher temperatures in the gearbox before breaking down and losing viscosity. This benefits your transmission unit by ensuring that lubrication to all internal parts is maintained even in the most trying conditions. As a result, the wear of these parts is reduced and issues such as chipping of gears are averted. 

Installing a transmission cooler The transmission unit gets cooling from the radiator, which is where the engine also gets its cooling from. If your manual transmission vehicle is often subjected to long driving or challenging terrains, it could help to provide a separate cooling unit for the transmission. Such a cooling system is available in the form of transmission coolers. These coolers are fitted around the front of the engine bay just like engine radiators. They help to keep the transmission avoid overheating, which happens to be the backbone of most gearbox problems. 

Fitting a transmission temperature gauge If your manual transmission unit seems to be breaking down often, you can avoid the embarrassment of stalling by the road by installing a transmission temperature gauge. These gauges are connected to the transmission unit and monitor the temperature of its coolant fluid around the clock. Through a relay screen mounted on the dash, you are able to keep tabs on your gearbox's temperature when driving. This allows you to change your driving style whenever your transmission starts to overheat, e.g. by driving slower or by pulling over to give your car some rest. 

Of course, it's important to add that these upgrades will not make your transmission woes disappear on their own. The upgrades will simply give you an advantage to avoid them. At the end of the day, nothing beats servicing and preventive repair when it comes to keeping your vehicle parts running smoothly. And if your manual transmission simply has reached the end of its road, replace it with a rebuilt/reconditioned unit from a reseller.