Your Vehicle and Potholes: Are You Aware of the Unseen Damages?

If you have ever encountered potholes, you know the unpleasant feeling that comes with hitting them. However, other than their being nasty, potholes can cause expensive damages to your vehicle over time. Some of the damages caused are immediately visible, while others require careful inspection of some of the vehicle's components. While there is nothing much you can do to avoid potholes in the course of your driving, it is worth understanding the types of damages that can be caused to your vehicle. This will help you take the necessary measures to maintain your vehicle, even when driving on bad roads.

Damages that can be seen

The first thing that you should do after hitting a pothole is find a safe spot by the roadside where you can pull over. Check the tyres and rims of your vehicle for any apparent damage. Depending on the severity of the pothole and the amount of impact to the tyre, you could have a flat tyre or a bent rim. You can easily fix a flat tyre if you have a spare one in the trunk and the necessary tools. However, if you have a bent rim, you should have it checked by an auto repair professional immediately.

Damages that can't be seen

Just because you don't have a flat tyre or bent rim doesn't mean that your vehicle is safe. Several unseen damages can result from potholes, which can cause the failure of critical components of the vehicle. These unseen issues can only be identified by a professional after inspecting and troubleshooting the vehicle. They include the following:

  • The potholes can affect your vehicle's wheel alignment, and this can eventually cause wear on the tyres.
  • If a tear is created in the tyre after the impact, it can cause an air leak which if unattended will result in tyre failure

How to protect your vehicle

It is hard to avoid potholes if you continually drive along bad roads. However, you can protect your car by undertaking regular inspection and servicing. During a car service, the vehicle will be checked for tyre wear and proper wheel alignment. If there are any abnormalities, they can be identified and corrected. Other vehicle components and systems will also be serviced to ensure their optimal performance.

Visit a reputable and professional auto repair and servicing dealer for your vehicle inspection and for your servicing and maintenance needs. This will allow you to be able to extend the usable life of the vehicle's components even when driving on bad roads.