Car Repair | 4 Telltale Indications Your Car Suspension Needs Repairing

Your car's suspension is perhaps one of the most important systems in your car because it reduces the impact on your car every time it goes over a bump or ditch on the road. The reduced impact will prolong the life of your car to keep it running in prime condition for longer. Like any other component in a car, the suspension system will undergo wear and tear over time, rendering it ineffective once it has completely worn out. Poor suspension can restrict your ability to control your car, so you will need to undertake car repair for fixing worn out suspensions as soon as possible. Here are some indications that your suspension needs repairs: 

More-Than-Normal Bouncing

If you feel that your vehicle is bouncing excessively and swaying while driving, it is a clear indication that something is wrong with your suspension. Excessive bouncing can be felt when driving over irregularities like speed breakers, bumps and ditches. This occurs because your suspension system isn't absorbing the car's bounce properly and can usually be felt more in the front of the car. If you notice excessive bouncing while driving, be sure to get your car checked at a car repair service immediately. 

Unusual Noises

If you hear unusual noises like squeaking and clanking when the car hits a bump or speed breaker, it may be a sign that your suspension is damaged. Poor suspension may also cause a vibrating noise to emanate from your steering wheel. Loud clunking or banging sounds from the lower part of your car is an indication that your suspension is suffering from worn out ball joints. These ball joints hold the suspension of your car together, without which you will start hearing unusual sounds. Ultimately, the suspension system will give way completely if this problem is ignored. 

Braking Problems

If your car takes too long to stop when you brake and there's no problem with your braking system, then you should check whether your suspension needs fixing at the car repair service. A malfunctioning suspension system can also prevent brakes from working properly because of worn out shocks. 

Pulling or Drifting While Turning 

When your car's suspension system fails, you may notice that your car pulls or drifts while you attempt to turn. This means that the shocks have worn out and can no longer keep the car stable against the force of the turn –– this could increase the chance of a car rollover. If you notice pulling or drifting while turning, take your vehicle to a car repair shop for checking on the suspension. 

While undergoing regular car servicing, ask your mechanic to check your suspension system to ensure that it is in good condition. This small car repair initiative will be the difference between a comfortably safe drive and an uncomfortably risky drive.