Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a Bus for Any Event

Hiring a bus for any event can make it easier for everyone involved; the group can stay together during the trip, and there is less chance of anyone getting lost during the commute. Buses come in a wide variety of sizes and models, so you're sure to find something that works for your group and your particular needs. Note a few important questions to ask when renting a bus for hire so you know everything involved in the rental and opt for the right choice.

1. Do smaller buses travel long distances?

There may be some restrictions as to the distance that a minibus can travel because they are not built for extended travel. Your group may get very uncomfortable after being in a minibus for several hours, and some are meant to work as shuttles and not actual commuting vehicles. If you only need a small bus but are traveling a long distance, be sure you ask about any potential restrictions.

2. What are the policies for smoking and alcohol?

A bus company may not allow smoking onboard the bus and may also not allow alcohol, depending on the type of bus you rent and the event. Remember that a bus you take to a work event may not be the same as a party bus, so don't assume that everyone can smoke or enjoy a cocktail after the event is over. Some buses don't allow drinking so that passengers don't become too rowdy; they may be concerned about the safety of their drivers. Be sure you ask about these restrictions and, if necessary, opt for a bus that does accommodate smoking and choose a party bus rather than a passenger bus so that everyone can enjoy a drink in the evening.

3. What about eating and drinking?

While smoking and alcohol may be restricted on a bus, most will allow eating and drinking. However, you need to ask about bringing coolers on the bus, as safety regulations may stipulate that they be only a certain size and placed under seats rather than blocking aisles. Whatever the restrictions, be sure you ask before you assume that you can bring food and beverages on the bus.

4. What is the handicap accessibility?

While most public buses are required to have certain handicap-accessible features, this may not be required of private buses you rent. If need a bus to be wheelchair-accessible, then it's always good to ask upfront about the type of buses available and what handicap features they offer.

For more information, contact a local bus hire company.